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Check Valves

Non-Return Valves

The 3-piece in-line valves of our design, whether ball or piston, are made from forged bar. They are designed as forged union fittings.

The body/end seal is of the torus-on-cone type with a standard pressure class PN250.


A shutter return spring allows them to be mounted in all positions.


AS A REMINDER : A check valve is a device that automatically interrupts the flow of a fluid when its direction reverses.

Depending on the nature of the fluid and its state (liquid or gas), a choice of scope is necessary.


Depending on the waterproofing rate requested, a choice of range is necessary.


Depending on the mode of operation and the frequency of use of the valve, a technological choice is necessary.


A non-return valve is not a regulating device (regulator/reliever), nor a safety device (valve).

The SALVI Range

  • DN8 to DN50 depending on model

  • Pressure: up to 207 bars depending on model

  • Opening threshold: 0.2 bar (possibility of modifying the opening threshold depending on the model)

  • Connection: Gas, NPT, SW, (BW possibility or flanges depending on model)


SALVI technology

  • Body in forged 316L stainless steel

  • Spring

  • Cryogenic version

  • Nuclear version

Commitment to SALVI valves

  • Our check valves can be tailored based on your operating requirements and corrosion severity.

  • Our non-return valves can be supplied with a certificate of conformity and material certificates.

  • Our non-return valves can be modeled in 3D to be integrated into your plans.

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