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Level Gauge Glass

Level Gauge Glass

The level fittings of our design are made from forged bar and a visual element in borosilicate or polymer glass Ø24mm.

Depending on the request, accessories can be adapted (specific joints, rotating flanges, stainless steel protective tube, etc.).

The SALVI Range

  • DN15

  • Pressure: up to 10 bars depending on model

  • Connection: Gas (possibility of flanges


SALVI technology

  • Body in forged 316L stainless steel

  • Tube Ø24mm

Commitment to SALVI valves

  • Our level fittings can be tailored based on your operating requirements and corrosion severity.

  • Our level fittings can be supplied with a certificate of conformity and material certificates.


References of standardized models - Commercial sheet -

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