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Conical Plug Valves

Conical Plug Valve

The tapered plug valves of our design are made of forged bar and PTFE plug. They are designed to have no retention zone.

The CA range includes a pure PTFE turning FDA and USP class VI approved to achieve bacteriological level cleanliness.


Depending on the model, accessories can be adapted (curved spout, ringed tip, etc.).

The SALVI Range

  • DN8 to DN25 depending on model

  • Pressure: up to 13.5 bars depending on model

  • Connection: Gas or Clamp depending on model


SALVI technology

  • Body in forged 316L stainless steel

  • PTFE turning

Commitment to SALVI valves

  • Our cone plug valves can be supplied with a certificate of conformity and material certificates.

  • Our conical taps can be modeled in 3D to be integrated into your plans.

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